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Demetria McKinney Speaks Out!

Posted by Iesha Marie on February 14, 2017 at 2:25 AM

Word on the street is actress Demetria Mckinney will play the late Whitney Houston in the TV One Bobbi Kristina BIOPIC....

Demetria took to social media to explain her side of the story after receiving a series of backlash....

"I have the utmost respect for whitney houston and those who have followed me through the years know that. I am NOT an opportunistic person and wouldn’t post, do, say, or be a part of anything that would diminish the light that she is nor the light of her life : BK. That’s part of the problem, we get emotionally charged over things we do not know or have a full understanding of. Even a criminal is innocent until proven guilty so it’s only right that If a biopic is made and you choose to watch it, you pass judgement then.

" Whitney was very protective of her baby girl. And loved her dearly as we saw on being Bobby Brown. Whitney had people she trusted to show and tell that story and I think that once people understand the heart behind the biopic if one is made, the opinion will shift. People are all on here speaking about things they haven’t seen. They haven’t been privy to the conversations and care taken in the process of something like that done by people who TRULY KNEW and LOVED her and her family.. I would love for people to put the soap box down until they see what’s to be. That’s all. Wish u an awesome day!"

- Demetria McKinney

Article by: Miabelle Bocicault

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