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Dee Dee's World Surprised Demetria McKinney With A "Demetrian" Meet and Greet
0527 over a year ago
Demetria STILL Did Not See What We Had In Store For Her This Week of 2014
0592 over a year ago
The Day We Surprised Demetria McKinney at Houstons!
0613 over a year ago
A FANmily Surprise!
0609 over a year ago
Let's Talk Real Housewives of Atlanta!
53535 over a year ago
January's Creative Photo Challenge Winner - Sydney Simone!
01658 over a year ago
Have Y'all Ever Been On BORN2DANCE101.WEBS.COM?
11846 over a year ago
what do you think about Demetria working with Nicki minaj and Drake
32735 over a year ago
do you think that demetria and beyonce look similar alike?
11554 over a year ago
What If Demetria Mckinney had her own T.V show?
71615 over a year ago
The House Of Payne Story Game
32454 over a year ago
What's Your Favorite '2012' Demetria McKinney Moment(s)?
41721 over a year ago
My First Time Meeting Ours Truly Demetria Mckinney (my idol) :)
111470 over a year ago
If you could celebrate your birthday with Demetria what would you do?
71763 over a year ago
If you could spend one day with Demetria Mckinney, what would you do?
101892 over a year ago
payneful injection
31659 over a year ago
Do anyone have any information about dee dee's album?
51980 over a year ago
my encounter with Ms. Demetria Mckinney
31783 over a year ago
#team demetrian <3
01390 over a year ago
Going through house of payne withdrawal :/
21799 over a year ago
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