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Iesha Marie
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 During the summer of 2013, Iesha and Chelby (owners of the Dee Dee’s World fan site) experienced an unforgettable week that resulted in a surprise that neither of them saw coming.

On August 5, 2013, Owner and Co-Owner, Iesha Marie and Chelby, were granted the opportunity to meet the lovely Demetria McKinney herself. Due to the stage play “Dreamgirls” being cancelled (which Iesha and Chelby made previous plans to see that same weekend), they decided to still try their luck at meeting Demetria McKinney in Atlanta during their vacation trip. They knew that their chances were very slim. Although it was planned months before the actual date, Iesha Marie decided to take advantage of this moment and surprise Chelby (as a birthday gift), with help from Demetria’s team, Iesha’s mother and Chelby’s best friend, Shady). In order for this plan to work, Iesha had to lie to Chelby and tell her they were going out to eat on their final day of vacation.


Little did Iesha know, Demetria McKinney and her team had plans of their own. Not only did Chelby get a surprise of a lifetime, BUT Iesha received a big, unexpected surprise as well.

When arriving at Mary Mac’s Tea Room, Iesha and Chelby were told that Demetria McKinney had to leave for work. Sadly, that’s when Iesha knew her plans to surprise Chelby had failed. Iesha eventually accepted the fact that meeting Demetria’s team, her son (who was also in attendance), receiving FANmily gifts from Demetria, as well as speaking to her on the phone (where they received her deepest apologies and promise to meet another time), was the closest they were going to get to meeting Demetria McKinney herself.

BUT, who would’ve known that they were getting pranked the whole time…Demetria isn’t the only actress they met that day! Lol!

What a dream come true it was, to sit at the same table as Demetria McKinney, having lunch. Lunch was the last thing either of the ladies had in mind when it came to their first encounter with Demetria McKinney. A concert, stage play, or a fan meet and greet; hi and bye type of situation…maybe! But not lunch. Never in a million years.

Who would’ve known that near the end of the evening, Demetria would also leave the restaurant with a memory she would hold on to for eternity; unexpected surprises from Iesha and Chelby. Their presentation left the room filled with love, tears and smiles. Honestly, she did not see it coming...Lol.

Iesha and Chelby were also able to give Dee Dee’s World team member and DEMETRIAN, Marika, a surprise phone call from Demetria McKinney. The whole experience was unforgettable. They met some AMAZING people that day, who welcomed them and made them feel comfortable and a part of the team. August 5, 2013 will ALWAYS hold a special place in their hearts….That’s for sure!

S/O to:

Mary Mac’s Tea Room for the amazing food and service!

Demetria McKinney’s team for making this an unforgettable experience.

Iesha’s mother and Chelby’s best friend for their love and patience.

Written by: Iesha Marie and Chelby.

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