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The Day We Surprised Demetria McKinney at Houstons!

On August 17, 2014, The Dee Dee’s World Team (Iesha Marie, Chelby and Marika) attended the Atlanta Celeb Fest Fashion Show in Atlanta, Georgia. All three ladies were excited to attend because Demetria McKinney was hosting the show. They planned that day for weeks, maybe even months. That day would be their second time meeting Demetria McKinney in person, and they wanted to make sure that she felt and heard their presence. The only catch was, she did not know they were coming… it was a surprise!

Unfortunately, the day before the event, Demetria’s team contacted Iesha to let her know that Demetria McKinney would no longer be hosting the event. This discouraged the ladies from attending the event, since they were ONLY going to see and support Demetria McKinney. However, due to the encouragement of Iesha’s Aunt, and a "nonrefundable ticket" policy, the ladies attended the event anyway.

The event showcased many celebs, fashion, and performances, but it was just not the same without Demetria McKinney being attendance. After Chelby got tackled by Danny Glover (lol, he tripped and bumped into Chelby accidentally) while leaving the event, Iesha received a text from one of Demetria’s team members, letting her know that Demetria McKinney was 5 minutes away, at Houston’s restaurant. He really wanted them to be there. Demetria was still unaware that they were in Atlanta, so this gave them another opportunity to pay her back (from the previous year’s surprise) with a surprise of their own. The ladies could not turn down this opportunity... honestly, Demetria had it coming.

Arriving at Houstons was a moment that the three ladies had to get prepared for. Demetria’s Manager met them at the entrance of the restaurant and escorted them to Demetria’s Table. The look on her face when she saw Iesha, Chelby and Marika was priceless! She wasn't having the best day, but their presence completely lifted her spirits.

In conclusion of this now satisfying and unforgettable day, Demetria and the ladies planned to meet up for the remainder of the week during their vacation...but little did she know… Houstons wasn’t the ONLY surprise that Iesha, Chelby and Marika had up their sleeves for that week.


S/O to:

Demetria McKinney’s team for making this an unforgettable experience.

Written by: Iesha Marie and Chelby

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