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Iesha Marie
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After surprising Demetria McKinney at Houston’s on August 17, 2014, she did not see what the Dee Dee’s World Team had in store for her this upcoming week.

On August 20, 2014, Iesha, Chelby and Marika surprised Demetria McKinney (once again, and trust…this was not the end) at her dance rehearsal. They were invited by her manager. The ladies arrived a few minutes before Demetria, who was on the phone with her mother when she arrived. She did not realize that her fans were sitting directly in front of her when she walked in.

Once Demetria McKinney recognized the ladies, she said her “Goodbye” to her mother, and greeted them with a hug. As she walked into the room, she introduced them to her choreographer, background dancers, and a few members of her team (who popped in occasionally). They were all very welcoming!

During the rehearsal, they watched Demetria McKinney sing and dance to many of her original songs, including “Officially Yours,” which became one of their top favorites. They were even invited to join in and learn some of the choreography!

Once the rehearsal was over, everyone entered the hallway to depart, when Demetria announced that she was about to do the ASL Ice Bucket challenge, and she asked who all wanted to volunteer to pour the ice on her. Immediately Iesha said she would do it! Chelby said that she would not mind recording the video. In the end, everyone (Iesha, Chelby, Marika, Demetria’s choreographer, and background dancers) ended up pouring the ice on Demetria!

After the ladies completed the ASL Ice Bucket challenge, they said their farewells for the day. Demetria McKinney asked the ladies if they were going to attend her event that she had coming up on the following day (August 21, 2014)...of course they said yes! Little did Demetria know, the three ladies had plans to see her on August 21st all along!


S/O to:

Demetria McKinney’s team, choreographer, and background dancer for making this an unforgettable experience.

Written by: Iesha Marie and Chelby

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