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Iesha Marie
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This was the BIG day, as Iesha, Chelby and Marika planned to surprise Demetria McKinney with a birthday celebration/Meet and Greet with fans.


On August 21, 2014, Iesha, Chelby and Marika arrived at a building, where they were told Demetria was inside doing a photo shoot. Other Demetrians (Sydney, Lauren, Angela, Michelle, and their families) were waiting outside, as they were informed to wait for Demetria McKinney to finish her “Photo Shoot”.

While the Dee Dee’s World team and the Demetrians were waiting outside, Demetria’s managers came to the vehicle that Iesha, Chelby and Marika were inside of, to chat with them. Though it was their first time meeting them, they made it clear that they already knew who they were, before they had the opportunity to introduce themselves to them. They thanked them for planning something special for Demetria and they stated that they wanted to meet the rest of the Demetrians. Iesha took them down the line to meet all of the Demetrians before heading inside to surprise Demetria.

As everyone lined up to get ready to meet Demetria….well…you can see what happened next below. Brace yourself, it's pretty lengthy.




The Demetrians enjoyed spending time with Demetria. The impromptu music listening session she gave them was awesome! After sharing this amazing moment and cherishing these beautiful memories, it was time to head to the next event: Demetria McKinney and Cynthia Bailey’s “Fabulous at Every Age” Kontrol Magazine event at Peter Thomas’ Bar One club. As Demetria and the Dee Dee’s World team got dressed/prepared to leave for the event, some of the other Demetrians stayed to watch them leave as they said their farewells. Demetria had to hurry and get to the event, as she was late arriving, due to her surprise meet and greet. The Demetrians met her and her team there.


They arrived to the bar fashionably late. When they met up with Demetria, they saw more fans swarming around her to chat and take photos. She eventually had a moment to chill, chat and take photos with Iesha, Chelby, Marika and Michelle. Before everyone knew it, the night had ended, and it was time to leave and say their farewells to Demetria. The ladies walked with Demetria to her vehicle, where they promised to meet again soon.

S/O to:

Demetria McKinney and her team for making this an unforgettable experience.

Michelle, Sydney, Angela and Lauren for trusting/allowing us to share this amazing and memorable experience with you.

Written by: Iesha Marie and Chelby

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