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Hello everyone! It's been a while! I was going through some old documents and found a story I wrote a little over a year ago, while playing a HOP game on TinyChat with some fellow Demetrians. We had to use all of the titles of the HOP eps in a story, & I only used a few, but as i was reading, I thought it was pretty funny...& interesting! lol I had forgot all about this by the way....& yea I don't even remember how I came up with the plot for this story lol but it is...

(The HOP titles are in bold blue if you didn't realize lol)

Once upon a time there was the BULLY AND THE BEAST. The Bully and the Beast were always in competition because they wanted to see who could make the most children cry. One time the Bully made a kid cry during recess and everybody else laughed. The kid said “I CAN CRY IF I WANT TO as he ran away embarrassed. The Beast got tired of the Bully’s success, so he decided to duke it out. Those punches did MORE THAN MEET THE EYE! It was crazy! Then they got BUSTED by the po po! The Bully got sent to jail and the Beast got sent to the animals LOST AND FOUND. Everyone was afraid of him, and no one wanted to claim him, so he was eventually shipped to another country.

The bully was all DOWN AND OUTTED in jail. He had no one to talk to and no money. All he kept thinking was NO MONEY, MO’ PROBLEMS! He thought about the fact that if he could JUST SAY NO to violence, he wouldn’t be in the situation he was in. Then all of a sudden he got a SURPRISE SURPRISE! It was his father, there to bail him out! They had a nice long talk about doing the right thing and being a positive figure. The Bully thought about it and realized that FATHER KNOWS BEST. They went home and the father thought out loud, “Every time I try to pay the bills, I KEEP COMING UP SHORT a few dollars!" Then he asked the Bully if he was taking his money. The Bully denied it and then the father remembered that he had been giving the bully's older brother money for transportation to work. He called his older son in and told him "THE BUCK STOPS HERE!" The brother had to repay him by washing his car. He made up a song called "WAX ON, WAX OFF" as he was washing the car.

A week later, the father learned that his talk with his son (the bully) paid off because he found out that the Bully was running to be HEAD OF CLASS. In the midst of all of his excitement and helping his son with his campaign, he got a surprise visit from a lady who claimed that he was the father of her son. He thought about his favorite movie "PATERNITY AND FRATERNITY" and how that situation would have been handled in the movie. He didn’t believe that the boy was his son, but he started CRACKING UNDER PRESSURE because the thought that it could actually be his son and he would be a no good baby daddy. The lady reminded him of how they met in CLUB PCP, and what happened after they left the club. He took the paternity test and was relieved to find out that the lady had SADLY MISTAKEN him for the pimp down the street! He also found out more goods news when he learned that his son (the bully) won for class president, AND THERE WAS JUSTICE FOR ALL! He asked his son if he bullied people into voting for him and the Bully replied “No! I GOT THE HOOK UP!” The father said “Oh! I was just wondering because you said you were ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that the TEACHER'S PET would win the election.” The Bully replied, “Like I said, I got the hookup and the teacher’s pet (whose name was Leroy Brown) was a SAD SAD LEROY BROWN when I won! The teacher told him that he’ll be ok because WEEPING MAY ENDURE FOR A NIGHT but joy comes in the morning.”

Now that the Bully was officially elected as class president, he had to pass THE BIG TEST. He had to actually prove to that he could be a good person and president. He created a new policy called the BALANCING ACT, which was about balancing school, extracurricular activities, and everything else. Leroy Brown had a lot of animosity toward him and tried to make his job hard. The Bully reflected on the talk he had with his father, they day he was bailed out of jail. He decided to be the bigger person and asked Leroy Brown, “WHY CANT WE JUST BE FRIENDS?” Somehow they were able to come to an agreement. It all happened one DOG DAY AFTERNOON, and there were NEW BEGINNINGS of a new life for Mr. President, the Bully! :-)




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love that songs, are there going to be more.

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that was great


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Wow actually pretty good..
dejanae travis
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