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Full Name:
Demetria Dyan McKinney


Dee Dee, Demi & Tweety Bird 

Demetria's D.O.B:

August 27, 1978


Albuquerque, New Mexico

(She currently lives in Atlanta)


Demetria's Height:



Has a son (1 child) named "Daekwon"
Is 1 out of 9 children

Demi Quote

You don't necessarily have a choice whether or not you want to be a role model. But it is necessary that you choose what kind of role model you will be.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC


She has two dogs...



A Lhasa Apso poodle (mixed)

A Llasa Apso poodle (mixed)/Yorkie (Brooklyn's breed)


She is left handed

 Her favorite color is purple, royal

She has a scar on her left eyebrow

She had Invisalign (Braces)

Has a macular generated disease called stargardt's


Has a tattoo on her upper left shoulder, (a Chinese symbol) meaning, Unique

She was raised in a church surrounding, sing in the church choir

She went to 'Striving For Perfection' church in Fort Walton Beach, Florida where she became their choir director


She's a Deacon's Kid

Is a military brat who hails from “all over” — Albuquerque, New Mexico (where she was born); Philippines; Austin, Texas; the Chicago area; and Florida.

Moved to the Philippines after she was born. Couldn't speak English until she was 5 years old after she moved back to the United States.

Her first two languages were Spanish and Tagalog before she ever learned how to speak English.


Favorite candy is Reese's Buttercups

Is allergic to Chocolate


LOVES Jiffy's Cornbread


Parents use to make Demetria and her brothers and sisters stand up and sing in order to get desert at a restaurant

Knew she could sing since the age of 3

Since the age of 4, she performed "Concerts" for family & friends for candy, money & even pickles

She considers herself a goofball, that likes to have fun

Her very first job was at McDonald's

Use to work at Cracker Barrel, as a waitress

On her days off she loves to sing (more of a passion), go to the movies and hit up a Dallas football game

Demetria & her sister have days called "Forgetum" Days, Where once a month they take time out for themselves ... and forget about everything else

Went to Del Valle Jr High in Austin, TX

She grew up wrestling with dudes and climbing trees... no babies in sight

She ran track in school

Played Basketball in high school (forward and center)


If she wasn't who she was today (as an actress/singer/entertainer) she probably would have furthered her career as an artist (painting portraits)


Attended Fort Walton Beach High School

In high school, she use to make fun of all the kids that was in Drama class

She majored in Art, and studied dance in theater in college

She was able to obtain a vocal scholarship and went back to school, taking advantage of all the opportunities it afforded her- including studying abroad in Italy

She studied dance and theater in college

In college, her vocal scholarship required that she audition for 2 plays, 1.) "Into the Woods" as the witch and 2.) "Bus Stop"

Was only a few credits shy of graduating college at Okaloosa Walton Community College

She performed in a local northwest Florida play called, "Hollywood Comes To Okaloosa Island"


She would like to have a BIG family someday


Her Godmother is celebrity clothing designer, Maria Harper

She started her Loc Journey with Kendra C. Johnson on 3.21.23

390 Microlocs were installed in her hair on March 21, 2023

Dated Tyler Perry's former executive producer, Roger Bobb

Roger Bobb proposed to Demetria McKinney on New Year's Day (in 2016) in Detroit, MI after she opened up with an performance at R.Kelly's concert

She has never had any attention of acting, before becoming an actress, she wanted to become an R&B singer

She has mentioned that one day, she would not mind directing films

Tyler Perry's "Meet The Browns" (Play) was her first time being introduced to the media spotlight

Her very first "on scene kiss" was with Allen Payne on the set of House Of Payne

Kyla Pratt (a good friend of hers) auditioned for the same role in the ALLBLK series "A House Divided as Carissa

One of her first plays was called "The Women I Am Today", it's also the play where Tyler Perry discovered her amazing talents

On November 12, 2011.. Jennifer Holiday acknowledged Demetria's wonderful talent in the musical stage play "I Dream" while accepting her award at the BronzeLens Film Festival

Her interview on "Praise the Lord", she confessed that she does not cook

To memorize lines in Plays/Movies/Shows, she play each scene in her mind as if it was already a movie ... that she have seen once before

She was hand picked by the wonderful Jennifer Holliday, to play Deena Jones in the stage play 'Dreamgirls' at the Muny in St. Louis

While filming "House of Payne", Demetria McKinney said that while shooting the episodes she started to get tired of scratching a crack head {lol}

Would have LOVED to star in the show "House"

Was Rickey Smiley's first on-screen kiss on the 'Rickey Smiley Show'

Would not mind being on "Dancing with the Stars"

Dream role is to star as Whitney Houston in a biopic about Whitney Houston

In 2017, she had the honor of portraying her biggest musical inspiration, the late great Whitney Houston in the Bobbi Kristina Biopic

Is not a huge fan of reality TV shows, BUT! Will admit that she have watched "Flava of Love" a couple of times

Became apart of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' on July 17th, 2014

The Soul Train Awards was her First time ever presenting an award on national television

Signed her first record deal with eOne Music in April of 2015

She released her very first debut album, "Officially Yours" on October 6th, 2017

Is a HUGE fan of the Dallas Cowboys (football)

Favorite basketball team is the Chicago Bulls


Does not use perms for her hair, been on her "natural hair journey" for over 10 years

Her fitness ritual is to stay hydrated (drinks plenty of water), mantaining a healthy food balance, doing Yoga and Pilates

Favorite quote is "Do on to others as you would want them to do on to you"

Favorite perfume is Délices de Cartier

Favorite body parts are her eyes and booty


Does not eat any pork or a lot of greasy food

Loves Seafood & Caribbean food

Special Talents:


 She Can Sing, Act, Model, Dance and write Music

She can cross 1 eye at a time

She can play basketball

She loves to draw, paint & do portraits

Demetria's Nominations/Awards:

She was NOMINATED for...


Prism Award (2008)

NAMIC Vision Award (2009)


Atlanta Theater Fan Award (2013)


5th annual ATL's Hottest Entertainment Awards (2013)

Official selection of the 2015 Los Angeles Web-Series Festival (2015)

Georgia Entertainment Gala Award (2016)

NAACP Awards (2018)

Steeple Awards  (2019)

Awards she's WON...


2011 BEFFTA Awards (2011)

 Atlanta Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, and Arts Award (2011)


Luxe Lifestyle Award (2011)


Single Parents Aspiring to Achieve Greatness Award (2013)

25 Most Influential Women in Atlanta (2009)

Named one of Jezebel Magazine's 50 Beautiful People in Atlanta (2014)

Presented a Proclamation on behalf of the city of Youngstown for all her hard work and dedication (2014)

Named Youtube's Artist on the Rise (2017)

Presented the Humanitarian Award at the 7th Pure Heat Community Festival (2018)

 People That Demetria McKinney Would Love To Meet:

She would LOVE to meet Oprah, (who wouldn't! lol) Madonna, Prince, Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds.. just to name a few.

Also loves Denzel Washington, Angela Jolie and Don Cheadle

Biggest Inspiration

While dealing with molestation, being homeless in the past, a single mom at a young age and thinking no one understood her thoughts or feelings.. not even herself. It was Whitney who got her through. She was her outlet.

Other Musical influences:

Aaliyah, Mary J. Blige, Celine Dion, and Pink

People Demetria Would Love To Work With In the Music Industry:


Nicki Minaj, Wale, Ludacris, Rihanna, Drake, Missy Elliott, The Fray and Coldplay


Demetria's Special Skills:


 She enjoys acting, singing, writing music, basketball, swimming, drawing, modeling, passport, bowling

& She LOVES: horses, and nature.

Demetria's Make-Up:

Has a lip gloss and matte lip stick line out called the "DMK Collection" by Celfie Cosmetics


Love Revlon's "Just Bitten" lip stain


Loves YSL lip colors


Fallen in love with Juice Beauty skincare line


LORAC Skincare


She wear Bare Minerals or Philosophy bb cream daily for protection

Her skincare routine consists of either Philosophy Miracle Worker cleanser or Lerosett.

As someone who has suffered from skin acne, she removes her makeup with an oil and follow with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil. Every now and then she will give herself a baking-soda-and-oil scrub just to get a good exfoliation and balancing of the skin. Water is also an important factor to her skin routine.


Her toner is usually Apple Cider vinegar and she end with Bare minerals overnight treatment during the day AND at night

Inside Demetria's Purse

Her cell phones of course, a Red Bull, gum and a nude lipstick from her collection are all MUST HAVES

Demetria's Style:


Has a shoe fetish: Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Gucci, Red Bottoms


Love wedge sneakers

Demetria's Favorite Hairstyles/Products:


Loves a cute up-do with lots of knots, she also like a really straight look & waves in her hair that looks really exotic.


Recommends a silk scarf or pillowcase to wrap her hair at night

She prefer a more natural look


Uses Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturale line, as well as Carol’s Daughter Monoi line

Loves Mielle Organics

And hair oils—whether it's castor oil, avocado oil or jojoba oil

Favorite Hair Inspirations:

Loves Tracee Ellis Ross for her head of beautiful hair

Also loves Naptural85, on Youtube

Demetria's Favorite Movies/TV:

Pretty Woman, When Harry Met Sally, City of Angels, Rush Hour, Unleashed, The Fifth Element, Friday, Bourne Identity

What Dee Dee Like To Watch On TV:

Her favorite TV shows are Prison Break, House, and The Cosby Show, Law And Order, Scandal... and of course Tyler Perry's House Of Payne!!!!

Demetria's Quotes:

 “If your lips touch me I will rip them off your face.”
- Janine in Labor Paynes (Part 1)

“I went for a walk.”
“Did you walk past the nuthouse? Because you shoulda checked yourself in.”
- Janine and Curtis in Labor Paynes (Part 2)


Demetria's Advice & Words Of Wisdom: Demi-Knowledge/Demi-Quotes

"Always Stay True To Yourself"

"Ladies, our choices define us.... don't compromise what's valuable... just a thought"

"Love is the only game you win by NOT PLAYING.... yeah! I'm dropping knowledge too! Lol"

"Never make emotional decisions...when the emotion is over, u may not like what you're left with..."

"Trust is the strongest, most fragile piece of ANY relationship... handle with care."

"The most beautiful roses grow from the toughest dirt. Ladies, remember that as u are going through..."


"Life is unpredictably short...make the best of it."

"We'll reflect on the past and plan for the new years possibilities!"

"People can only do to you what you allow them too"

"The person with the most power is the one who knows they have it, but chooses not to use it...."


"Time, truth, faith.....the most precious, powerful, challenging things in life are also the most necessary... But LOVE conquers all!!!!"

"Never give yourself to someone who will take away all that you are"

"Be careful who u love enough to give your last... some people are more than willing to take it.."

“Karma Comes At Anytime”


"Men may wear the pants... but women control the zipper"

"Take time to reflect on the things in your life (people too), and make sure u are placing the proper value on them"

"The most foreign language is Truth.....very few people speak it and even fewer can understand and handle hearing it..."

"If u don't know your worth, how can anyone value you?"

"Keep a humble spirit"

"As long as life runs through u,, there is opportunity for change.....don't waste it."


"What you do today determines what you get tomorrow....."

"Live in the confines of who u want to be...not the boxes people try to put u in"

"Ignorance cannot afford to be arrogant....."

"Friendship is a powerful, fragile gift. careful who you give it to and receive it from"

"Life is short..... Instead of crying.. Create. Instead of hating.. Hope. Instead of lying.. LOVE"


"Wake up! Know you have purpose. Determine this morning that your goal is within reach. Realize your greatness and make it possible for others to respect it."

"If he can't love you beyond himself, it'll never be more than what it is..."


"Life is what you miss if you don't pay attention"


"One beautiful and sad thing about life is: Those who aren't supposed to be apart of yours will fall away... Those who are will show and prove"


"Don't be so afraid that you can't move"

"Love is a choice... Choose Wisely"

"Knowing yourself can be easy. Facing yourself can be hard. Accepting yourself is nothing short of PRICELESS!"


"Anyone can run away, it's super easy. Facing problems and working through them, that's what makes you strong."


"Positive influences in this industry are a God-Send"


"The Good, the bad and the ugly shapes who we are"

"When you loose control, they win...."

"Angels shows up when you least expect them"

"Women are scared to give up their virginity. Men are scared to give up their hearts"

"Love is priceless... Until it Costs You Everything"

"Confidence is sexy. Conceit... ....not so much"

"Let Your Actions Speak Louder Than Your Voice...."

"You Are Amazing.... Go Be Amazing."

"You Talking Loud, Crazy, alot Shady, Slick Doesn't Mean You Communicate Well....."

"Accidents and Mistakes That Happen Repeatedly Are Intentional"

"Misery Loves Company But Not As Much As Happiness Does...."

"Be careful about doing ANYTHING to get something that costs EVERYTHING and leaves u with Nothing"

"The LOUDEST crayon in the box isn't necessarily the brightest......"

"Celebrity Doesn't Negate Human Nature"

"Never forget who you are or they will turn you into who you don't want to be"

"In order to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, tunnel vision is a must"

"Opportunity is not an Obligation...... Be Thankful"

"The way you feel isn't the only factor but it can never be a NONFACTOR"

"Truth is not SHADE"

"Remember your dream is YOURS...You gotta chase it. Know who you are before you come into the business because people will try to tell you anything."



"Once I learn I can live without you, I do."


"When I say I love you.... I mean it. WHEN I SAY I'M DONE. I MEAN IT MORE."

"A lamb never runs smiling to the slaughter just because it knows a few people will eat"

"Usually, The people who Abandon ship Are the ones You should've Thrown overboard A LONG TIME AGO"

"Do you.... It''s what you do best."

"GOD is the architect, YOU handle construction"



BEING JEALOUS IS WHAT THE BASICS DO. ENVY IS WHAT THE LAZY DO. Real ones give And receive Inspiration.


You could give me your opinion, but I prefer cash. How much giving you wanna do now?!

People think you're NICE so they think you WON'T... They need to change their thinking



Forgiveness can bring the right people closer together, but be careful.... it can also make the wrong person forget they were ever wrong.